Protupožarne zavjese EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120

FIBREROLL – Textile fire shutter

Textile fire shutters are used to part two neighbour fire sections in case of fire. For their minimum demands, they are mostly used in underground garages, in shopping centres in combinations with safety grids, and also in industrial buildings and halls, etc.
This fire shutter is advantageous for minimum spatial requirements, since under normal conditions it is coiled in a cover that is placed in such a manner not to obstruct normal operation (usually above the lower ceiling, etc.). The shutter thus does not require any larger area on the sides of the opening, as e.g. in sliding doors and gates.

Fire resistance: EW 15 DP1 to EW 180 DP1 or EI 180 DP1

The main quality required is the fire resistance of these shutters. Fire shutter FIBREROLL is made in two variants, which differ in the textile used.

  1. With the aluminium layer textile, fire shutter FIBREROLL has fire resistance EW 90 (up to the area of 25 m2, or 4 m height, and unlimited length EW 120 DP1). In order to increase fire resistance, spraying (cooling with water) can be utilized. By this, fire resistance up to EI 120 DP1 can be achieved.
  2. With a textile free of aluminium layer the FIBREROLL shutter has fire resistance EW 15 DP1. In order to increase fire resistance spraying (cooling with water) can be utilized. By this fire resistance up to EW 90 DP1or EI 90 DP1 can be achieved.
Technical characteristics

  • The shutter is made of a special fire resistant textile the warp of which is stainless steel wires filled with glass fibres provided with surface coating made of inorganic materials (approx. thickness 0.5 mm) or of special fire-resistant textile, the warp of which is stainless steel wires filled with glass fibres provided with one-sided surface coating and one-sided aluminium foil coating.
  • The shutter is designed to be placed on an opening or into it (or combination of both variants, as the case may be, fixation to concrete, masonry or steel profiles with required fire resistance.
  • Standard dimension of winding shutter box is 205 x 210 mm (w x h) for dimension 6 x 6 m, for dimensions to 30 x 6 m the size of the box is 205 x 405 mm (w x h).
  • The shutter is controlled electrically by means of a tube drive (electric motor with gearbox) with gravitation start-up in case power supply is interrupted.
  • It allows automatic closing from the fire alarm system switchboard (potential-free contact), even in case the supply voltage by means of a back-up source or gravitation drops out.
  • Electronic control of individual functions of the shutter proceeds by means of a special AOP control unit (AVAPS, CONTROL PANEL), including control elements (buttons or key control).
  • Local autonomous fire sensors, optical and acoustic signalling can be supplied together with the shutter.
  • Textile shutters have a very low weight (textile = 25kg/1 m of width).
  • The speed of the shutter closing is approx. 100 mm/s.
  • All visible steel parts are painted in a shade according to the RAL sampler.
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