Protupožarna vertikalna klizna vrata (giljotina) EI30, EI60,EI90


Do you have limited space or want to keep the wall free? This is where the PENEDER lift gate comes into play. The field of application starts at opening sizes of just 700 x 700mm (for example for conveyor belt wind-up). Whether big or small, all PENEDER lift gates are equipped with a unique chain suspension system. This allows your fire protection gate to open and close smoothly and accurately.

  • Width up to 8,500 mm
  • Height up to 5,500 mm
  • Gate area: up to 46.75 m2


  • available in sizes from just 700 x 700 mm
  • available in sizes up to 8,500 x 5,500 mm
  • stable opening and closing process thanks to unique chain suspension system
  • available with glazing
  • available in stainless steel version
  • available with sill-free, built-in pedestrian access door
  1. Jednokrilna vrata

    DruckFire resistance classes:

    EI2 30-C
    EI2 90-C

    (also available without fire protection requirements)

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